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what earth signs must know to succeed (taurus, virgo and capricorn)

Updated: Jan 1

The practical horoscope Earth signs have been searching for.

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

For all of you, there is learning and growth to be done. In your individual ways, you all tend to put other people or opportunities before yourself, and whilst you are typically stable, dependable and grounded, this period of uncertainty hasn't been particularly easy on you Earth signs. Since you're often goal orientated and up for a challenge, it's time to talk about how we can improve your mindset for the month ahead.

Taurus: Initially, you perhaps found it difficult to enter into the more simplistic lifestyle that came with the lockdown. You are naturally on the materialistic side; you enjoy the finer things in life and often seek experiences that you know will bring you pleasure, like a restaurant lunch or a shopping spree. However, having these things suddenly taken from you was a good thing! You have a tendency, perhaps subconsciously, to associate your worth with material belongings. It is so important as the world eases back to normal, that you remember you don't need to rely on these things for happiness.

Remember that when life slowed down, you spent more time self-reflecting. Taurus, you may already be aware that you can be unforgiving and stubborn at times. Whilst your ability to recognise when you have been wronged is a fantastic thing, you mustn't let yourself get hung up on the negative experiences, because resentment will build. Trust that karma will do its work backstage without you needing to worry, and place your happiness and growth front and centre.

Perhaps recently you have spent more time than usual comparing yourself to others, which can leave you feeling more jealous than inspired. To combat this, focus instead on building your own self-worth and recognising the greatness that already surrounds you. Taureans' who make a habit of practising gratitude tend to avoid the overly envious side of their personality, so try writing a weekly list of things you are grateful for, be that the people around you, the food you have eaten or the skills you have learnt.

Overall, Taurus, you have already entered a period of self-development. To keep this up, you must stay in tune with the simple joys life has to offer. Soak up the last few Summer afternoons outdoors and avoid online shopping or mindless scrolling. It may be time to de-clutter your 'following' list on Instagram and unfollow anyone who doesn't bring you happiness, or organise your email subscriptions if you begin to notice you're receiving too many fashion deals.

Virgo: The words, 'unprecedented times' are sending shivers up your spine. You can't wait for things to get back on track in your life and it has been difficult to let go of control because, you are often happiest when feeling in command of your journey. You enjoy having things to look forward to and you benefit from creating a schedule, so when everyone lost their schedule, you felt lost and you couldn't help but feel critical of how things were dealt.

As we seem to ease out of this period of large uncertainty, you begin to feel slightly more relaxed. Allow yourself to be optimistic, whilst keeping your realistic and rational ways. You are naturally quite anxious and this will not have been an easy time for you Virgo, but to succeed and refresh, you must give yourself time to relax without giving way to overthinking.

Now is a great time to get in touch with your childish side; you have a natural sense of wonder ready and waiting! Focus on the magic of the moment, whether that magic comes from spending time with family again, going on a walk somewhere new, or simply watching a lighthearted film - there is joy to be found in the smaller things if you give yourself time off from over-analysing the bigger picture.

Talking about your worries can be difficult for you, particularly because you are aware that there are huge worries on many people's shoulders right now. But you need to know that, no matter how big or small, your thoughts matter! It is important to share how you're feeling or anxiety will build up inside of you and fester there. If you're initially struggling to express yourself, try keeping a diary. Offloading anxieties onto paper will help to break the cycle of overthinking.

Overall, Virgo, you have done well during this time of isolation and confusion. It has not been easy for you, but don't be overly critical. Give yourself time to heal and refresh before you're thrown back into the swing of things completely, and make a larger effort to combat negative thoughts and feelings about both yourself and situations around you.

Capricorn: Spontaneity isn't naturally your thing, but you are learning to be more open to it! You are excellent with structure and enjoy creating a routine that involves goals to work towards, so it is likely you began to feel frustrated over the last few months when your achievement felt somewhat limited.

Capricorn, you are a dedicated and hard worker, with an excellent ability to detach from emotions when necessary, particularly when it comes to making important decisions. However, it is important you know that emotions do not equal weakness. Your ambition is an excellent trait and is sure to get you far, but equally, alienating those around you or ignoring your goofy side will stunt your growth. Spend time with your loved ones and let them see the silly side to your personality! You can feel accomplished by nurturing your personal life as well as your career goals.

You may find yourself dealing with big responsibility, which you have the grounding and practicality to handle well, but don't neglect yourself of downtime. Ensure you are giving yourself fair breaks; enjoy a long bath or a good book without feeling guilty once in a while.

Overall, please don't be too hard on yourself Capricorn. Things will go wrong from time to time, you cannot always protect yourself from failure. When you accept this and open yourself up to new opportunities and new outlets of fun, you'll feel a positive shift in your mindset.

So Earth signs, you have a lot to think about! Take some time to digest and consider how this information fits in to your current situation. If you haven't already, you may find benefit in also reading the messages for each other as well as for your individual sign as sometimes you will find a message for a fellow Earth sign resonating for you as well.